Grammar in primary school EFL textbook activities: a corpus-driven study of their teaching nature and related cognitive implications

  • Joaquín Gris Roca
Keywords: Primary school, EFL teaching, EFL learning, explicit teaching, implicit teaching, teaching potential of activities


Abstract – One of the fundamental goals of Foreign Language Teaching might be the attainment of implicit knowledge, which underlies oral and written fluency. Textbook activities reflect different explicit and implicit teaching loads following the type of knowledge they are targeted at (explicit, implicit or both). EFL teachers’ implementation of activities can thus help or become a hindrance for the development of implicit knowledge. This study aimed to explore the explicit and implicit teaching nature of 100 activities taken from 10 EFL textbooks used in Spanish primary school teaching. The ultimate goal was to examine whether activities are designed taking into account young learners’ idiosyncratic way of learning. Findings revealed that most primary school EFL textbook activities tend to contain a lower number of activities mostly focused on explicit teaching.

Author Biography

Joaquín Gris Roca
Universidad de Murcia / Spain